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From planting to removals , and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a property manager or commercial developer, you will find our friendly prompt customer service to be a pleasure to work with. Our level of expertise is second to none covering every aspect of Urban Forest Management.

General Tree Care

Pruning enhances a tree’s appearance and keeps it healthy. These procedures can minimize storm damage, improve the structural integrity and provide clearance for sidewalks and buildings.

There is not just one way to prune a tree. Different structures and needs call for different techniques. Our pruning Arborists ensure the right cuts every time.

We don’t just say we “Specialize in Ridiculous”, we really do. Whether the removal is a simple job or requires complex rigging and a crane, our highly trained Certified tree professionals have the necessary experience and equipment to do an expert job, every time.

Every crew is equipped with a Stump Grinder so the job is one and done.

We can determine which varieties will do best in particular locations and soil types, select the best nursery stock, and carefully plant your new tree. We can then follow-up with nurturing programs to quickly establish new roots and secure your newest addition.

We are completely prepared to tackle any emergency large or small. From taking a fallen tree limbs, to whole tree failures, or simply stabilizing a weakened tree in order to prevent damage to your house or property. We are a call away and respond within 2 hours.

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Tree Health Care

Tree Growth Regulators (TGRs) are safe chemicals applied to the root system that redirects growth from the shoot growth to root growth. This can be used to mitigate foundation or hardscape damage due to root growth.

This also has a positive health benefit in that it strengthens plant defense against insects and disease, as well as increases plant efficiency in allocation of water and nutrients.

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Our Certified Arborists can diagnose the disease or pest, evaluate the state of the tree, and give a recommendation for treatment that are judicious and take environmental factors in hand. We like to get ahead of the problem and prefer to focus on the health of the tree and integrated pest management (IPM), rather than the a reactive, heavy chemical, approach. 

At A Plus, we know that precision beats power and, with proper timing, we can preserve our Urban Forest while minimizing the chemical footprint.

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Unhealthy soil not only leads to unhealthy trees, plants and turf, but higher maintenance costs, inefficient water management and increased water run-off.

Imagine what a forest floor looks like: Fallen debris that decomposes back into the soil, layers and layers of organic matter that cycles back and feeds the plants it came from.

In our efforts to upgrade, improve and boost the health and vibrancy of your community, we’ve bundled together an urban forest floor BOOST!

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As much as going on above the surface, there is as much going on below. In cases where lower trunks, buttresses, or roots need to be exposed for treatment or investigation, we use a technique called Air Spading. 

The air spade uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up hard soil without damaging roots, cables or buried utility lines. The focused air stream cuts through soil quickly and with great accuracy in considerably less time than conventional digging, allowing for more efficient service.

Cabling or Bracing is performed to provide additional support to tightly forked branches or poorly attached limbs which might otherwise break, particularly in storm events.

Deep Root Fertilization is a liquid injected application under hydraulic pressure into the upper 6 inches of the soil. This method allows for better distribution and uptake than surface fertilizer.

The formula we use is not a synthetic fertilizer that sits in the soil, it is 100% organic, packed with humic acid that is great for replacing of the soil micro-organisms.

Mulching improves moisture retention at your tree’s root base and keeps root temperatures constant. Mulch is plentiful, attractive and mimics the forest floor.

We have blower equipment that can efficiently cover large areas, planter beds, and walkways in a fraction of the time or traditional hand installation.

We also offer to spread the mulch that is produced from our tree work, right back onto your property.

We have every kind of Arborist on staff: From Board Certified Master Arborist, to Consulting.

We can provide Arborist reports when necessary for documentation or permitting. Arborist reports are useful when tree owners seek an assessment of the health and condition of a tree as well as the potential for hazard in order to make an informed decision regarding care and maintenance for the tree.

We also offer Certified Arborists Reports for cities and developers.

Value-added Services

It is our mission to leverage technology to improve tree care. To actualizes this vision, we’ve developed ArborPlus, our tree management App. ArborPlus is a mobile and web-based app that is providing solutions to efficiently manage large tree populations across multiple properties in a paperless, user-friendly tool stored safely in the Cloud.

We have turned ArborPlus into an online force that seamlessly manages multiple sites, taking into account everything that a tree affects in your community, and making it even easier to forecast budgeting and large projects for years to come. Every client can access their tree portal through any browser.

ArborPlus is just one of the value-added services that we provide. 

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We’ve made it our responsibility to find ways to increase urban recycling. Why pay to dump perfectly good woodchips and logs? They’re yours and they’re valuable! The unnecessary practice of creating and discarding urban waste led us to our in-house milling programs.  We have the ability to turn your tree into an artistic piece of furniture that we hand make and install all in our Mare Island Lumber Factory.

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Free Tree-101 Guide

Your trees can be your largest asset and also your biggest liability.

Download our Free Tree-101 Guide to learn:

  • Examples of Good and Bad Pruning
  • Solutions to Common Tree Care Problems
  • How to deal with Pests and Disease
  • Hazards & Liabilities and what to look for
  • and much, much more…