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“Nothing ever truly dies. The Universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed.”


The 2nd Life of Oaky

Perched atop the beautiful hillside of Marin and overlooking the stunning view of the City below, a majestic Coast Live Oak stood there for roughly the past 200 years.

Oaky (because that’s what we’ve named him) witnessed the rolling hills, full of native vegetation, transform into a sprawling urban setting. He watched the Highlands of Marin go up, observed the life multiply around it, and enjoyed the laughter of the children in the pool nearby.

That is, until that fateful day on September, 14th, 2015, when his dreams of longevity came crashing down…


AfterPLUS, a division of A Plus Tree, is part of the solution to the unnecessary practice of creating and discarding urban waste with a mission to maximize urban recycling. The dead/dying trees we remove from the urban landscape are transformed into skillfully crafted furniture that we mill, design and fabricate at our Mare Island Lumber Factory. Using our tech, we are able to digitally connect people with a beautiful product that once stood as a tree in their own community, allowing its story to continue…

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